Elementary Announcements


Friday November 18, 2022

Day 62






Tiny Pom K-3rd practice today Friday after your lunch.


Mid Term Reports will go home today.


School will be dismissed November 21st -November 25th for Thanksgiving break. Classes will resume Monday, November 28th.


The Delta Ruritan’s Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is November 26th at 5:30pm. If you would like to purchase a Christmas tree yard stake in memory of a loved one they ask that you make a $10 donation.


Mail Carriers today are Christian, Hunter, & Kinsley



Lower Elementary:                    Upper Elementary:

                         Meal Choice 1 – 13                        Meal Choice 1 - 13

                  Meal Choice 2 – 0                       Meal Choice 2- 1

       Meal Choice 3- 7                Meal Choice 3 – 2

    Meal Choice Salad –2                      Meal Choice Salad -0



Delta C-7 Elementary Mission Statement:

Charging toward a successful future- every child, every chance, every day.